About Us

VoxHumans was founded with a singular mission – To help people support each other.

This is not an easy task. To support someone effectively requires an emotional connection with them. An emotional connection requires honesty from both sides. But for many, being honest about our feelings is very hard. While we can express our innermost feelings and emotions, we do not do so. Sometimes it is because we are not sure if it is appropriate to feel the way we are feeling. Sometimes it is because we are not sure how our feelings will be received. As a result, we suppress our feelings, and are withdrawn, sullen, angry, resentful, fearful, or just in pain. We want to share our deepest feelings, but don’t feel comfortable doing so. 


Anonymity is a useful method to break through this quandary. When no one knows our identity or background, the focus can only be on the feelings expressed. Sex, gender, race, age, income, etc., are unknowable and irrelevant. Only the feelings we’ve expressed matter, living without the context we usually provide. Others cannot layer on judgment and decide whether the feelings expressed are appropriate or not. They can only react to what we’ve said. As a result, the interaction is genuine, open, and honest. As more users add their perspective, we begin to see the collective and individual reasons for the feelings expressed. This understanding of our shared humanity leads to empathy for others and compassion for oneself. 

However, anonymity has several drawbacks. Without any identifying information, someone can be vulgar or offensive in their posts. Replies can be rude or harsh, with harassment and bullying of vulnerable users. To address these drawbacks of anonymity, without losing the benefits, VoxHumans is designed with tools for posting anonymously, reporting inappropriate content, blocking offensive replies, and terminating hostile interactions. Because VoxHumans intentionally provides complete control of their online experience, users can share their authentic feelings anonymously, confidently, and safely. 

We are passionately dedicated to our mission of helping people support each other. Because we feel this mission is so important, we invite you to join us on the journey, by downloading the app!